Grant Riehle-Moeller | Visionary Sound | Chicago Illinois.jpg
Born in the summer of 1996 and growing up in a small area of Illinois, Grant kept to himself and was fairly quiet for most of his childhood. It wasn't until high school where he began to branch out and become more interested in sharing his thoughts through writing, art and voice. He quickly discovered through the encouragement of his teachers and parents that his thoughts and ideas were quite abstract and brilliant. 
No less than two months after entering his freshman year of college, he knew it wasn't the place for him and left following the conclusion of the year. 
Grant wanted to create. He wanted to share his ideas. He wanted to impact culture.  He wanted to empower and inspire others to create vision for their lives, their companies, and their ministries. Ultimately, Grant wanted to follow the vision God was revealing to him. So he followed.
Within the first year after leaving college, Grant started Visionary Sound, LLC. Slowly, God continued to reveal His vision with each faithful step. These steps have led him into speaking and storytelling to audiences numbering into the hundreds, the current production and writing of his first book, a fashion collection of graphic t-shirts, and working alongside churches and ministries to define their vision.